I immersed myself in God・s thoughts

 Then attuned to Spirit revelation

I was in a world of rich import

A world of the highest elevation


My mind was washed, I was given focus

On the world of God・s conceptions,

I feasted on disclosures sumptuous

To nourish my aspirations


There in the world of the heavenly

Was the energy and the wisdom

To give me an ascendancy

By God・s positioning system


To simply wait in God・s presence

And allow his Word its rule

Equips me with power and vigilance

To handle my daily schedule


Inevitably I leave these marvels

For other worlds down on the plain,

There the sublime faces the carnal

 There I can achieve great gain


Seasons of devotion and prayer

Are times for revitalization,

Our cultural worlds are in disrepair

Needing the power of redemption


I am called to confront the powers

Of evil and disobedience

Addressing all cultural viruses

In the strength of Christ・s omnipotence


 This world is soon to pass away

Its fashions, lusts, and pride,

Jesus calls me to watch and pray

And in holiness abide


The holy ground where God is present

Is the place of guarantees,

Where we can gain empowerment

Over this world・s subtleties







Fiercely, insidiously, and furtively

This world of competing contentions

Seeks to exercise mastery

Over my spiritual intentions


This clash of worlds is the proving ground

Of Jesus・ victory,

And I have learned how to rebound

Through his imparted authority


All cultural systems are diseased

By viruses intent on our plight,

We triumph, and God is well-pleased

When we stand in the power of his might


Seated with Christ in his throne

I have an infallible formula,

God・s way of thinking and not my own

Gives me an enduring criteria


The way we think needs transformation,

The mind a holy place,

Standards and values and all education

 From the Creator of life and grace


The battle for six billion minds

Rages on unceasingly,

Only in God・s Word will a culture find

 It・s destined identity





                                       Paul E. Grant

                                        February  2007