Buthanese exiles plant churches in refugee camp


By Joel News

JNI 596 - Planting churches is forbidden in the small Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan, but a church planting movement is now spreading among an exiled Bhutanese community living as refugees in south easthern Nepal.

The main refugee camp is home to 150,000 Bhutanese exiles - more than 10 percent of the population of
Bhutan. The repressive Bhutan government is quick to jail and then expel anyone charged and convicted of political or religious infringements.

Two church planters, John and Ashok, both imprisoned for a year or longer for openly testifying about Jesus, have been exiled and are now living in the overcrowded refugee 'city' of bamboo, wood and tin huts in Nepal. In the past 18 months they have won many to Christ and planted 50 informal fellowships among the Bhutanese refugees. DAWN associates from India are currently helping the church planters from Bhutan and Nepal with training.

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