Global Missiology English, Vol 1, No 15 (2017)

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In recent years, the study of honor & shame has been welcomed by those who are not from the majority world where it has been a matter of attention and application for years. The focus on honor & shame of this issue is therefore not an accident because the founder and current editor of Global Missiology is a missiologist of Chinese ethnicity and cultural background who has published about 10 books in Chinese.





Enoch Wan, founder and current editor of Global Missiology, is turning over the leadership of GM-English to Dr. Nelson Jennings and his new team beginning January 2018. However, he will continue to serve as the Editor of GM-Chinese & coordinator of GM in various languages.


It is with mixed feelings to bid farewell to readers of GM-English:

  • A sense of pride that GM was a pioneering in Christian publication, i.e. one of the few e-jounrnals of this kind at the time of its founding;
  • A sense of sadness to say goodbye to the readership of GM-English;
  • A sense of anticipation of a new beginning for GM-English because Dr. Jennings is a seasoned Christian journal editor, serving previously at premier journals: Missiology & IBMR.