Global Missiology English, Vol 2, No 15 (2018)

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Knowledge Stewardship for Kingdom Impact (KSKI) Online Community

J. Nelson Jennings

Global Missiology-English - Editor

Onnuri Community Church - Mission Pastor, Consultant, International Liaison


Knowledge Stewardship for Kingdom Impact (KSKI) is an online, interactive community of interest. It is energized by gifted friends who use data, information, knowledge, and wisdom for gospel progress worldwide. Community participants live and serve around the world, cover a wide range of experience, and are affiliated with numerous mission organizations and churches. All are busy with many responsibilities and limited time. What this focused, energetic community provides is an ongoing forum for knowledge stewards to interact about research, visualization (GIS - mapping), data-rich publishing, and evaluation.


This KSKI community collaborates with other groups and organizations involved with missions research. The community began in August 2016 at the initiative of GMI (Global Mapping International) and under the collaborative umbrella of the WEA Community of Mission Information Workers (CMIW). It was in my role as GMI's Global Engagement Director that I began coordinating this communitys interactions. With GMI's closure as of June 2017, it is as an ongoing member of the CMIW Task Force that my coordinating role continues. I do my best to ensure that there are current responses to community members questions, contributions, and postings.


We use a Google Group format with select topics. Some topics are ongoing, including Introductions and Q&A. Other topics are specifically about knowledge stewardship and its components. Many topics come from participants suggestions and contributions. The communitys energy comes from Spirit-led servant-participants who use data, information, knowledge, and wisdom for the worldwide mission of Jesus Christ.


There have been a variety of discussion topics since KSKI began in August 2016. The community has by no means exhausted those topics, and any topic that has been moved to storage can be restored for live discussion. Community members suggestions shape the topics, including by starting their own as they wish. I attempt to manage the site in a manner that makes it as user-friendly as possible.


To join, please follow these instructions:


If you have a Google (gmail) account, follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Visit!forum/kski

Step 2: It will ask you to sign into Google and request an invite. In your request, stating your organizational affiliation and rationale for wanting to join will help to expedite the process.

Step 3: Once you have requested to join the group, you will receive an email inviting you to sign on through your Google account and begin participating.


If you do not have a Google account, visit!forum/kski/join and follow the instructions.


See you online!