Global Missiology English, Vol 3, No 4 (2007)

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Tribute by T.V. Thomas



I have had many contacts with Dr. Paul Hiebert in different settings in several countries but all of them for the cause of the Kingdom. He was a mentor to me through his articles and books but displayed a Barnabus influence when I met with him in person. I always found him to be extremely gentle, gracious and generous. Paul was a man of great integrity and exuded a passion for God and people.


Dr. Hiebert was certainly a veteran cross-cultural worker on the mission field, an engaging teacher in the classroom and a brilliant scholar in Missiology. He has left behind a rich and wonderful legacy for many to cherish.


Those of us who were blessed to know Paul personally will miss him dearly but will also give thanks to God for a life well spent for His service.


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Published in the special issue A Memoriam of Paul G. Hiebert April 1, 2007