Global Missiology English, Vol 3, No 5 (2008)

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Kinship With a Boundless God

A lifetime of probing and wondering,
Searching, praying, and examining,
On a quest for form and meaning
Of the nature of the Trinity

Its been a special odyssey

To comprehend this mystery,

To gain a personal mastery

Of Gods essential nature

I was baffled yet attracted
And frequently reacted,
Also powerfully impacted
By its complexities

As I reflect in retrospect

I detect a serious defect,
The failure of the intellect
To comprehend the infinite

Logic cannot measure the boundless
Nor reason accommodate the limitless,
How to handle the measureless
Became for me the issue

Time and again I was taken aback
When coming to terms with my lack
Each time I sought to unpack
This doctrine of the Trinity

I found the issue of special mention,
That heavenly education
Is given by the Spirits tuition,
That understanding comes by faith

This means that revelation
Must be allowed its intention
To transform the minds dimension
To think the thoughts of God

Reason and logic alone are sterile
Handling spiritual things they are futile,
The Spirit of God can make them fertile
In producing true understanding

Trinitys meaning is shown in fullness
Through the coming and work of Jesus,
His life and teachings are the genesis
Of discovering Divine togetherness

The Gospels are a facility

For engaging with the Trinity,
For there we see the unity
Of Father, Son, and Spirit

Johns Gospel and the Revelation
Are the entry points for my education,
And also for my appreciation
Of kinship with the Godhead

The grace of the Father, Son, and Spirit
The three in one, not separate,
In him I become regenerate
Incorporated into his family

The end of my search is a beginning,
Revelation comes with an underpinning
For findings of truth and new discerning
In the immensities of the Trinity

I have an affinity with the Divine
An affinity absolutely sublime,
The Three in One are mine, yes mine!
And I am his forever!

Paul E. Grant
March 2008