About the Journal

Global Missiology was established in 2003. It has always been an open access e-journal to enable the widest availability possible of mission researchers' work. Global Missiology - English (ISSN 2831-4751) is one of several language versions, each with its own unique contents. Researchers from around the world are invited to submit their work for possible publication.

Citation Instructions

When citing GME articles, please include all pertinent information as provided on the globalmissiology.org website – including author name, article title, Global Missiology, volume #, issue #, publication month & year, page #s, and URL for the abstract page.

Volume & Issue Numbering

Note 1: From GM’s first issue in October 2003 through the July 2020 issue, the volume #s cycled 1-4 annually (October-January-April-July), and the issue #s increased annually 1-17 – the opposite order from standard numerations. Beginning with the January 2021 issue, GME switched to the standard order of volume #s increasing annually (starting with Vol. 18) and issue #s cycling annually 1-4 (January-April-July-October). The October 2020 issue has the unique numeration of Volume 5, Issue 17.

Note 2: Cumulative page numbering for each issue (thus affecting each article's page #s) starts with the October 2021 issue (Vol. 18, No. 4).