• July
    Vol. 18 No. 3 (2021)

  • January - Missiology as Leaven
    Vol. 18 No. 1 (2021)

    This issue explores a wide array of topics, just as leaven penetrates every part of dough into which it is placed. (Scroll down to access and download a whole issue pdf.)
  • October - Socio-Political Disruptions and Missions Praxis
    Vol. 5 No. 17 (2020)

    This issue resulted from the specially selected theme of "Socio-Political Disruptions and Missions Praxis" and a call for papers one year ago.
  • July - The Ongoing Challenges of Contexts
    Vol. 4 No. 17 (2020)

    The articles in this July issue of Global Missiology - English explore one or more aspects of understanding, practicing, and communicating the gospel in relevant and biblically faithful ways. The articles take up the ongoing challenges of contexts that Jesus’s followers face every day.
  • July - Transforming Analytical Paradigms
    Vol. 4 No. 16 (2019)

    Just as David Bosch explained almost three decades ago how paradigms of Christian mission have been transformed throughout biblical and Christian history, so too in today's ongoing transition of Christian mission are paradigms of analyzing mission being transformed. Whether looking at mission historically, sociologically, theologically, prescriptively, or otherwise, this issues' articles exemplify how analytical paradigms are undergoing transformation in the midst of Christian mission's transitioning landscape.
  • January: ETIC ANALYSES
    Vol. 2 No. 16 (2019)

    Missiology must utilize both cultural insiders' emic viewpoints and outsiders' etic insights. This issue contains four etic analyses of a panoply of topics focused on four different intercultural subjects.
  • October: Fresh Currents in Worldwide Gospel Ministry
    Vol. 1 No. 16 (2018)

    Christianity's worldwide spread has brought forth fresh wellsprings of gospel ministry. This issue highlights a plethora of Asian Christian leaders, both young and old as well as dispersed across much of Asia. The methodological background of seeing honor-shame contexts on their own terms is also analyzed. Moreover, lessons tied to an important southern African ministry are unpacked, continuing from the previous issue.
  • July
    Vol. 4 No. 15 (2018)

    The Globalization of 21st-Century Mission Voices
  • April
    Vol. 3 No. 15 (2018)

    Theme: "Vulnerable Mission"
  • January
    Vol. 2 No. 15 (2018)

    Theme: “Global Missiology-English 2.0”
  • October
    Vol. 1 No. 15 (2017)

    Theme: "Missiological understanding and application of the thematic framework of honor & shame"
  • July
    Vol. 4 No. 14 (2017)

    Theme: "Evangelizing Russians"
  • April
    Vol. 3 No. 14 (2017)

    Theme : Muslim: Then and Now
  • January
    Vol. 2 No. 14 (2017)

    Local Church and Christian Missions
  • October
    Vol. 1 No. 14 (2016)

    No Place Left:  Strategizing to Reach the Unreached Nearby
  • July
    Vol. 4 No. 13 (2016)

    Theme:  Contextualization & Syncretism
  • April
    Vol. 3 No. 13 (2016)

    Theme:  ‘Vulnerable Mission’
  • January
    Vol. 2 No. 13 (2016)

    Theme:  Partnership of Churches and Missions Agencies
  • October
    Vol. 1 No. 13 (2015)

    Theme: Global Disciple Making
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