Global Missiology English, Vol 1, No 10 (2012)

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A1 For Such A Time As This: Journeying with Tribal Peoples

Georgia Grimes Shaw


In August 2011, Dan and I landed at the Honinabi airstrip on the MAF Cessna 206 (a small aircraft that can take off and land from short, rugged airstrips). It didn’t seem possible to me that we were returning again to the Samo people after spending four months with them in 2010.  I had left that first experience saying, “That was a one-time experience for me and I will never return to the sego swamps of the Western Province of Papua new Guinea.” Famous last words, for here we were again climbing out of that little plane into another world, a much more relaxed one than that of our home in Pasadena, California.

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