Matthean missiology: messianic messenger authority, and the great commission


  • Michael Chung


Missiologist R. Daniel Shaw recently wrote “Missiology, itself a very young discipline, is intrinsically cross-disciplinary, drawing from a multiplicity of sources, including theology, the social sciences, and religious studies.”  What Shaw did not include but surely counted was biblical studies and exegesis of Scripture.  This article will draw on the tools used in biblical studies to show that the “Great Commission” has not been understood in the entirety of Matthew’s thought. With a fuller understanding of Matthew’s intention, those engaged in disciple making overseas or locally will have a deeper spiritual support. Sometimes, those laboring in disciple making can experience discouragement, especially when results are not what one hopes.  The concept of “Messianic Messenger Authority” will take pressure off those who are working hard but not seeing desired outcomes.





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