Are You a Christian or a Disciple?


  • Pastor Matt Pieters


Ed Gross’ new book “Are You a Christian or a Disciple? Rediscovering & Renewing New Testament Discipleship” addresses a question that is of the highest importance.   Much of western Christianity, and consequently global Christianity, has been so influenced by un-biblical ideas and practices that discipleship has become almost a lost word and Christian-ity-without-discipleship has taken its place.  In His book, Gross reminds us of the central importance of discipleship: what it was, how we lost it, and how to recover it.  He rightly states, “The New Testament knows nothing of a Christianity disconnected from biblical discipleship…” and yet, “most of us… were not taught biblical discipleship by our in-structors.”  In this gem of a book Gross unpacks for us what Jesus’ call to follow him as disciple means and how, if we are to truly follow Jesus, we must walk down the same path he walked.



Review & Preview