Churches and Missions Agencies Together Practical Missiology and Good Practices for Partnership


  • Enoch Wan


In October 2014, a group of 15 leaders from 4 churches and 4 missions agencies gathered to discuss the essential but thorny issue of churches and missions agency partnership in Singapore. Comprising mostly of missions pastors, agency directors, and member care specialists, this pilot working group reviewed a biblical-theological framework and model for their partnership, discussed frequently occurring issues in their relationships, and analysed case-studies that each organization had brought to the meeting. After two days, participants voiced their opinion that these conversations were the most open and transparent exchanges that had occurred between church and missions agency leaders in remembered history. We purposed to meet again, and the steering committee continued to draft strategic plans for subsequent gatherings which are simply called Churches and Missions Agencies Together (CMAT). Our atmosphere is one of joyful fellowship, mutual learning, and disciplined thinking. Our discussions are grounded in biblical-theological foundations and published research on the church-agency relationship. This process has already improved our partnership within the group, and we aim to publish a book that describes our framework in detail, and documents case studies and guidelines for good practice that others will find beneficial. Our goal is a robust practical missiology of church and missions agency partnerships in our Singapore context. 



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