Global Missiology English, Vol 3, No 13 (2016)

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Christianity in China: From the History and Operation of “Evergreen China Service” and Beyond

Laura de Ruiter


My goal for this paper is to research, explore and explain the different views concerning Christianity in China. I am writing this with the hope that together we in the West might understand the full picture of Christianity in China better. Instead of only posting a blog or presenting my opinion, I wish to present a well-researched representation of the situation in China. This paper will help us read stories from China in the wider context of the current situation. Furthermore it would benefit Christians who wish to work in China or those supporting Christians in China. In general, it might be an informative tool for the church at large.

Let me tell you a bit of background that is informative of “why” this paper and “how” my perspective emerged. I grew up in China. For thirteen years of my life, I spent my time in the Chinese countryside where my parents have worked since 1997 for the purpose of reaching the lost for Christ. In the year 2000, they joined the Christian organization Evergreen. The fact that I am a MK is hard to hide, and when people discover my story, I am frequently bombarded with questions about the state of Christianity in China. In most cases, people have been shocked to hear about our status as “openly Christian in China” (Evergreen). They wonder: “How can that be possible?”