Global Missiology English, Vol 1, No 15 (2017)

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Biblical Glory-Covering Theme: Implications for the Cross-Cultural Application of the Gospel

Mark R. Kreitzer


Corruption, pain, nakedness, sickness, death and the state of existing as a disembodied spirit are abnormal to God’s original design and involve shame, that is dishonor and lack of glory. All nakedness that is abused or violated is a deliberate attempt to destroy the honor of the one attacked and to gain more power and honor in a twisted manner for self. The result is a profound personal shame and feelings of guilt in the created conscience of the abused. The father of shame, Satan, uses this violence to sow accusations of shame and doubts of value/worth in the mind and spirit of the abused and before people and God. The same occurs concerning a violated person’s gender identity if same sex abuse occurs. Ultimately, the Destroyer sows doubt about the goodness of the Creator because each person is created to thank, glorify, trust, and follow him alone and to receive glory and acceptance only from him (Rom 1:18-31).