Global Missiology English, Vol 1, No 15 (2017)

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Historical study of Missionary strategies that sustained Christianity in Ethiopia and the Challenges to Contemporary Churches, Missionaries and Mission Agencies

Daniel Oyebode Akintol, Akinyemi Oluwafemi Alawode


This paper attempts to examine the missionary strategies that enable the survival of Christianity in Ethiopia till today. The study was based on the library and internet materials. There were discussions on the historical background of Ethiopia, historical development of Christianity in Ethiopia, the historical background of religious war in Ethiopia and the Missionary strategies that helped Christianity to take root till today in Ethiopia. Lastly, the conclusion was drawn from the entire work. It was recommended that in this twenty first century missions to any community or country should be centred on conversion of political heads or local heads to the Christian faith as this would help a lot in the future of Christianity in that community and beyond. More so, any Christian community, nation, city, town or village that may be experiencing invasion of antichrist should quickly seek the help of other Christians in their neighbourhood or other Christians around the world. Finally, other Christians in other parts of the world should not fold their hands in protecting their brothers and sisters in the Lord from their enemies (e.g. Muslim jihadists or any anti-Christ group).