Global Missiology English, Vol 1, No 15 (2017)

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An Interview with Duane Miller on Living Among the Breakage: Contextual Theology-Making and Ex-Muslim Christians

Marthe Curry


Duane Alexander Miller, PhD, is lecturer and researcher in Muslim-Christian relations at The Christian Institute of Islamic Studies. He is co-author of Arab Evangelicals in Israel (2016) and author of Living among the Breakage (2016). His research on religious conversion from Islam to Christianity and the history of Christians missions in the Muslim world have been published by Oxford, Cambridge, Thomas Nelson, and Edinburgh presses, among others.
MC: This book is the result of spending years with converts from Islam to Christianity and those who work with them. I'm quite interested in the need for MBBs  to create a new identity:  no alcohol, no prostitution (somewhat along the lines of “fundamentalist” Christians); redefinition of “person”; all while allowing their families to save face.  Typically, how long does the process take, and what is the hardest task?