Global Missiology English, Vol 1, No 15 (2017)

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Testing, Trial and temptation: A Biblical Study

John V. Dahms


Testing, Trial and Temptation is the title we have given to thisstudy. A more precise title would be, Peirasmos in the NewTestament, peirasmos being the Greek term to be translated, at leastin its earlier usage, as "resting," "test" or "trial," though enticementto evil often became so prominent in its meaning that ''temptation"is frequently an appropriate rendering. Unless otherwise indicated,in this monograph "testing," "test," "trial" and ''temptation"represent peirasmos or a cognate thereof, and vice versa. Moreover,since it is frequently uncertain which English word most accuratelyrepresents the respective connotation of peirasmos, we often usetesting/temptation, test/temptation, or trial/temptation as a renderingthereof.

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