Global Missiology English, Vol 2, No 15 (2018)

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Millennials, Missions, and Missio Dei: Bridging the Conversation (Part 1)

Wanjiru M Gitau


Each generation is compelled to find new solutions to the problems of its time. Renewal of society, Christian or otherwise, is the result of new solutions created for tough challenges. Today, the apparently intractable challenges confronting the world are an opportunity for the Christian movement to find new ways of engaging in mission, thus to mobilize global millennials into mission. Such a task will require a reassessment of locus from practices driven by geographical territory, into thinking of problems born of modernization as the new mission frontier. Such an understanding is not new, but there is a shift required in how the conversation is framed in missiological discourse. A shift is required from territorially framed mission thinking, to allow for a Missio Dei missional theology, affirmed by the fact of World Christianity to create the framework for that discourse.