Global Missiology English, Vol 4, No 15 (2018)

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Editorial - by J. Nelson Jennings

J. Nelson Jennings - Onnuri Church, Seoul: Mission Pastor, Consultant, Int'l Liaison; GM-E Editor


God lives and works beyond all of our confined understandings. This statement is more than a bland claim that simply draws an obvious philosophical contrast between divine infinity and human finitude. Rather, the statement is a confession that points both to God’s magnificence and to the contextually confined character of your, my, every other individual’s, and all human communities’ senses and conceptions of who God is, how he works, as well as the scope of people with whom he relates. Our attempted confinement of God and his work is true even for those of us who have extensive, multi-contextual experience, e.g., for people who comfortably speak several languages. Far beyond what any of our understandings will allow, God is both unmanageably stupendous in his love, grace, and judgment toward human beings, as well as fully extensive in his engagement with all the peoples of the world.