Global Missiology English, Vol 2, No 16 (2019)

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An Evaluation of “Holy Yoga” as a Contextualized Strategy for Reaching Hindus - by Poon Chui King and Kenneth Nehrbass

Poon Chui King - Biola University: Doctoral Student, Intercultural Studies; Missions Mobilization, Kenneth Nehrbass - Biola University: Associate Professor, Intercultural Studies


Even though the practice of yoga is thousands of years old, it is increasingly enjoying globally popularity and even hybridization. This article examines the arguments for and against using Holy Yoga, and ultimately takes the position that Holy Yoga is an effective and appropriate form of contextualization as long as it focuses on God rather than on self. First, we give a brief overview of traditional yoga's emphasis on moksha (liberation), self-discipline and concentration. We then describe Brook Boon's Christianized version, called Holy Yoga, which replaced Hindu idols with Christian symbols. Last, we discuss various concerns that have been raised (mostly by those familiar with yoga in the West) about the notion of Christian Yoga.