Global Missiology English, Vol 1, No 17 (2019)

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God Is Not Simple: Toward a Proper Theology of the Trinity - Restoring the Doctrine of Father-God from Contextualization Gone Awry 2 - by Mark R. Kreitzer

Mark R. Kreitzer - Grand Canyon Univ: Assoc Prof, School of Theology


The ancient Scripture-based consensus that the one true God, the Father, is triune in his being is correct without a doubt. However, the classic package that explained the doctrine is a syncretism of neoplatonic and biblical insight. It needs to be reformulated by a global multi-ethnic hermeneutical community. This reformation ought to be based upon a metaphysic not derived from Scripture-autonomous speculation but derived from careful biblical exegesis and logical deduction, checked within this community. To demonstrate this, I discuss the four concepts and alleged Scripture passages proving the simplicity doctrine.