The Gospel for All Peoples and Pistis Christou: A Doctrine Only for Healing the Troubled Consciences of Western Guilt-Oriented Peoples? (Part I)


  • Mark R. Kreitzer Grand Canyon University


Does pistis Christou, in crucial contexts in Paul’s letters, mean “faith in Christ,” “faithfulness of Christ, or “steadfast-faith of Christ”? I choose the third of these alternatives. It correlates well with the biblical doctrine of the active and suffering obedience of Christ. Moreover, the “steadfast-faith of Christ” is not merely for guilt-oriented peoples (Rom 3:29-31). It is essential to Paul’s “gospel” and is paradigmatic for all nations (Rom 2:16). Paul was Christ’s chosen emissary and was given a message and power to proclaim that divine gospel to idol worshippers. Consequently, anyone proclaiming another gospel must be cursed (Gal 1:6-9, 2:7-8).

Author Biography

Mark R. Kreitzer, Grand Canyon University

Associate Professor, School of Theology