Disruption of Cross-cultural Mission: A Call to Lean into the Liminality


  • Wanjiru M. Gitau Author; Global Missiology


When the GM editorial team first imagined the current issue of Global Missiology focused on “Socio-Political Disruptions and Missions Praxis,” we, like everyone else, had no idea that a crisis of pandemic proportions, the coronavirus, was around the corner. In this issue of Global Missiology we are confronted with the reality that crossing frontiers and crossing cultures in order to take the gospel to others is not what it once was. The disruptive reckoning has been going on for several generations, but it is the global coronavirus that seals this disruption and serves as a major wake up call.

Author Biography

Wanjiru M. Gitau, Author; Global Missiology

Author, Megachurch Christianity Reconsidered (IVP 2018); Global Missiology - English Editorial Team Member