A Hybrid World: Diaspora, Hybridity, and Missio Dei


  • Juno Wang Western Seminary


A Hybrid World addresses the growing reality of hybridity among people on the move in the twenty-first century, a reality that brings opportunities and also challenges for the mission of God. The book is mainly a compendium of papers from a hybridity in diaspora mission consultation held in 2018, sponsored by the Lausanne Movement and the Global Diaspora Network. Edited by Sadiri Joy Tira and Juliet Lee Uytanlet, the papers in the book are integrative, multi-disciplinary, and practical with implications, written by forward-thinking theological educators and hybrid ministry leaders. The editors and the majority of authors have doctoral degrees and are also hybrid people themselves. They utilize their expertise and experiences to engage in diaspora research and/or ministry in various fields around the world.

Author Biography

Juno Wang, Western Seminary

Doctor of Intercultural Studies