When the Cross Is about to be Wrapped in the Red Flag, How Should Churches under the Hong Kong National Security Law Resist?


  • Editorial Team Global Missiology - English


This article is a translation, provided by the GM Editorial Team, of a report published in Christian Times 時代論壇 on July 3, 2020. The report was on a forum held by Mission Citizens# on June 25 at 8 p.m. (local Hong Kong time), entitled “The Cross Tyrannized by the Red Flag—Hong Kong Version,” live streamed on its Facebook page and moderated by Mission Citizens member Herman Wai Chung Tang [鄧偉棕], an attorney. At its height, over four hundred people participated; as of noon on June 26, there had been over 8,500 views cumulatively. Mission Citizens is a movement of Christian pastors and lay persons who believe that the Christian faith can be lived out in the current reality of Hong Kong and can inform Hong Kong’s search for a way forward after the Umbrella Movement and subsequent reform efforts. Begun in 2015, its mission statement appeared in Christian Times on September 8, 2015.