• Enoch Wan


It is both with joy and sadness that in this special issue of April 2007 we celebrate the full and fruitful life of Paul G. Hiebert. Appreciations are due to friends and family of Paul who sent in tributes to the fond memory of Paul & Fran Hiebert.   FREE - See the “Preview and Review” section, our thanks to: ·        author Norman McIlwain for the offer to GM readers free copies of “The Biblical Revelation of the Cross” and ·        Jonathan Bonk for offering free issues of IBMR to students.   FREE: out-of-rint books to share The project of scholars donating out-or-print books to share with readership of Global Missiology: ·        began with the 5 titles from Ted Yamamori (the “Introduction…” piece in this issue, from Christopaganism or Indigenous Christianity, and “God’s New Convoy” of last issue are such examples). ·        in future issues, there will be 2 titles from David Hesselgrave [i.e. What in the World has Gotten into the Church (Moody) and Today’s Choices for Tomorrow’s Mission (Zondervan)] and ·        one title from Paul and Frances Hiebert - Case Studies in Missions (Baker).   Since there is no sponsor and no budget for the operating of GM, the timing of posting these titles is subject to availability of volunteers to help with scanning and posting these titles.  Will you consider joining the marvelous team of volunteers of GM and can you help?