A Tribute to Paul G. Hiebert, Professor, Colleague, Brother, Pilgrim


  • Tite Tienou


I met Dr. Paul G. Hiebert in September 1980, in Pasadena, California, on the campus of Fuller Theological Seminary at the beginning of my studies there. I saw him, for the last time on this side of life, in January 2007 at his residence in Highland Park, Illinois, just before he left to stay with his daughter Barbara Rowe and her family in Maryland on his “way home” (his own words). God called him home a few weeks later. Till we see each other again on the other side of life, I thank God for him and take this occasion to pay tribute to Paul Hiebert, professor, colleague, brother and pilgrim. For me, these are the words that come to mind when I think of Paul Gordon Hiebert.



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