Education, Orality, and the Great Commission


  • Ezekiel Adewale Ajibade Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary


This article considers the nexus between the Great Commission, education, and orality. The Great Commission is a command to reach the entire world with the good news of Jesus Christ. Though it has significantly advanced around the world, much still needs to be done. With a simple qualitative approach, the article explores four dimensions of education in the Great Commission: preaching, Christian education, theological education, and public education. Using Africa as a context, the article then suggests that orality is a communication paradigm that, if properly engaged, would make these dimensions of education effective. 

Author Biography

Ezekiel Adewale Ajibade, Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary

Senior Lecturer & Partnership Coordinator; Stephen Olford Fellow of Expository Preaching, USA; Education Gateway Leader, International Orality Network, Africa