Ryan Shaw, Rethinking Global Mobilization: Calling the Church to Her Core Identity


  • Evi Rodemann theologian and event manager


Ryan Shaw, a mission mobiliser for the past 20 years, senses a recent change in the fundamental expression of Christianity, resulting in shifts in global mission and mobilization. He believes that God is birthing a focused global mission mobilization movement in which a globalized church is positioned to reach a globalized world through globalized mission mobilization producing globalized cross-cultural mission: big words that imply a major challenge to rethink and re-engage in God´s mission. Shaw acknowledges that little of the book’s content is brand new. However, the way in which he brings that content together to formulate a strategic framework for global mobilization might in fact be new. Judge for yourself. You might find Rethinking Global Mobilization thought-provoking, helpful, and indeed strategic for mobilizing “message bearers,” as Shaw calls missionaries, to share the Good News globally.