Missiological Iron Sharpening


  • J. Nelson Jennings Global Missiology - English


The familiar phrase “iron sharpens iron” gets cited in all sorts of collaborative settings (religious or not), be they performing arts troupes, athletic teams, political parties, or myriad other groups. People’s actions and words—painful as they might come across—can shape others into better human beings, just as an iron sharpener grinds and scrapes against an iron axe and shapes it into a more effective instrument. Those of us involved in the wider Christian mission movement can contribute to each other’s growth by exhorting, challenging, encouraging, befriending, and otherwise constructively collaborating in gospel ministry. In one way or another, the contributions in this July issue of Global Missiology – English (GME) exhibit that kind of constructive interaction. Some articles seek to persuade others to change; some educate through history; others point out shortcomings that need correction. The missiological iron sharpening in this collection of articles is multifaceted and filled with soul-searching reflection.

Author Biography

J. Nelson Jennings, Global Missiology - English