Vulnerability vs. Corinthian Values: Modern Ministry Thought and Practice at Home and Abroad


  • Chris Sadowitz Association of Baptists for World Evangelism


In seeking to address ministry models and underlying value structures in the Corinthian Church, Paul reminds people in all times and settings of the hegemonic role that world cultures play—even as he paradigmatically uses both Jewish and Greek cultures as foils for the seeming weakness and foolishness of God’s gospel. While cultures change, underlying values of humanity in rebellion against God continue. Hence while Paul practiced a form of enculturation by “being all things to all men,” there was a caveat to his acculturation that was defined by the “Christ crucified.” Unfortunately, Christian ministry is all too often driven by human beings’ cultural values. These values must be evaluated by the gospel standard set by Jesus and the Cross upon which he hung.

Author Biography

Chris Sadowitz, Association of Baptists for World Evangelism

church planting pastor in Miyakonojo, Japan; Asia Biblical Theological Seminary in Chiang Mai, Thailand - adjunct professor





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