An Elusive Consensus: Traits and Competencies of Movement Catalysts


  • Gene Daniels Bethany Research Institute
  • Emanuel Prinz Bethany Research Institute, Associate Director


Mission literature that addresses the key characteristics of movement catalysts is for the most part based on personal observations and reflections. A recent study by Bethany Research Institute included an extensive literature review that found there is no consensus among trusted thinkers regarding what effective movement catalysts’ most important traits actually are. Such a confusing range of understanding is not a minor issue, since effective leadership is vital to the emergence of all movements. To help clear the way toward arriving at a shared understanding of effective catalysts’ qualities, this article seeks to understand the reasons why leading mission thinkers have widely divergent views.

Author Biographies

Gene Daniels, Bethany Research Institute

church planter in Central Asia for 12 years; researches and writes about ministry in the Muslim world

Emanuel Prinz, Bethany Research Institute, Associate Director

movement researcher and consultant to ministries; Professor of Intercultural Leadership at Bethany Global University; blogs at





Research Methodology