• Enoch Wan


In this paper, “diaspora missiology” is introduced with its content, distinctiveness and methodology. It will begin with a phenomenological description of diaspora, followed by theological reflections and missiological application. The term “diaspora” is etymologically derived from the Greek word diaspora or diaspeirein (dispersion) and historically has been used to refer to the scattering and dispersion of Jews in the OT and Christians in the NT. In contemporary literature the word is used to describe the phenomenon of people on the move or being moved.  “Diaspora missiology” is “the systematic and academic study of the phenomenon of diaspora in the fulfillment of God’s mission.”  The term and concept of “diaspora missiology” is a better term, descriptive of people’s residence being different from that of their “place of origin” without prejudice (e.g. the connotation of dominance in number or power such as “majority” vis-à-vis “minority”) nor confusion (e.g. “ethnic” being inadequate in the context of multi-ethnic population). 



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