The Bengalis: An Unreached People-Group Since William Carey’s Early Start in 1793


  • Crista Mathew


In 1793, William Carey, the father of modern missions, landed in Calcutta and brought the Gospel to the Bengalis. But even after more than 200 years of access to the Gospel, the Bengalis remain not only the largest unreached people group in India but the largest unreached people group on earth. Today, the majority of the Bengalis are in Bangladesh. Just over the border in India, there are 90 million Bengalis, mostly in West Bengal and in the Northeast. The Bengali diaspora numbers over one million, exceeding the populations of more than 70 nations.   With 4,635 people groups and over 800 languages and dialects, India is a focal point for Christians who wish to see every nation, tribe and tongue reached for Christ. India also has one-half of all people groups worldwide that are considered unreached and have a population of over 100,000!  India's largest unreached language group has only just over one-half of one percent who are Believers - the Bengalis.



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