China Clippings


  • Anthony Bollback


THE WORD OF THE LORD CANNOT BE BOUND   A century ago, the Christian population of China was almost imperceptible. Today, the explosive growth of the church is changing all that! With millions coming to Jesus Christ in every strata of society, and reaching an estimated 100-125 million people even by government standards, China is headed toward having the largest Christian population of any country of the world. For many years, Bibles have been in great demand, and in some rural areas, only one Bible is available for as many as 100 believers! To meet that need, Amity Press, which is the only official printing press for Bibles in China, printed approximately 5 million Bibles last year. Give praise to God that the government allows this official press to function under the auspices of the registered Church (TSPM). Nevertheless, with an estimated 1 million new believers every month, Amity Press cannot begin to meet the pressing demand for more Bibles. 



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