Global Missiology English, Vol 3, No 7 (2010)

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A Brief Introduction and Critique of Contemporary Theological Thoughts in Christianity

Joseph Tong


Since the 18th and 19th Century Christianity suffered many heavy blows from all sides: The Reformation and Counter Reformation movements of post-Renaissance has brought the Church out of the so called “Dark Ages” giving the Church much thinking spaces. The Age of the Reason that followed continued to challenge the Church with its enlightenment spirit, bringing the authority of the Church to the brink of collapse. It also created an almost brand new scenario for human history; whereby man appeared to be fully emancipated and could act autonomously. General speaking, man had entered into a period of irreversible Golden Age when human reason seemed to mature without limitation. Then came the discovery of the New World and wisdom literature from the East. The two forces combined bringing yet another wave of shocks to the foundation of the Christendom: challenging its finality and absoluteness, providing fertile soils for the breeding of the rebellious spirit of disbelieve.