Global Missiology English, Vol 1, No 16 (2018)

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Youth-Centric Movements: Trends and Challenges for The Modern Missions Movement in India - by Joseph Frederick Kolapudi

Joseph Frederick Kolapudi - Interserve Int'l; consultant with BAM and PourOut anti-trafficking initiative


Over recent generations, a paradigm shift occurring within the modern missions movement has had a profound effect on the way missionaries and workers in cross-cultural settings are engaging in missions. This shift relates to local ethnic peoples designating national missionaries to reach their own countries for the sake of the Gospel. Increasingly, the missionaries being sent out are young, highly-educated professionals, especially within the Global South. This article explores how youth-centric movements are sparking changes within today's missions movement, as well as how India, known as the world's largest democracy, has a significant role to play in Christian missions.