Vol 1, No 16 (2018)

October: Fresh Currents in Worldwide Gospel Ministry

Christianity's worldwide spread has brought forth fresh wellsprings of gospel ministry. This issue highlights a plethora of Asian Christian leaders, both young and old as well as dispersed across much of Asia. The methodological background of seeing honor-shame contexts on their own terms is also analyzed. Moreover, lessons tied to an important southern African ministry are unpacked, continuing from the previous issue.

Table of Contents

Issue Editorial

Editorial - by J. Nelson Jennings DOC PDF HTML

Featured Articles

The Africanisation of Missiology: The Work of InnerChange South Africa to Raise Up Local Missionaries and Decolonise Black African Minds (Part II) - by Luc Kabongo DOC PDF HTML
Youth-Centric Movements: Trends and Challenges for The Modern Missions Movement in India - by Joseph Frederick Kolapudi DOC PDF HTML
Salvation in Jesus’s Name Alone: How and Why Takakura Tokutaro (1885-1934), I, and Others Have Believed that Claim - by J. Nelson Jennings DOC PDF HTML

Research Methodology

Honor-Shame Cultural Theory: Antecedents and Origins - by Walter "Bud" Simon DOC PDF HTML

Review & Preview

Book Review - Eastern Voices: Volume One - by Teresa Chai DOC PDF HTML

Cross-Cultural Humor

English Speakers’ Gaffes in Japanese DOC PDF HTML