Global Missiology English, Vol 1, No 16 (2018)

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Salvation in Jesus’s Name Alone: How and Why Takakura Tokutaro (1885-1934), I, and Others Have Believed that Claim - by J. Nelson Jennings

J. Nelson Jennings - Onnuri Church, Seoul: Mission Pastor, Consultant, Int'l Liaison; GM-E Editor


Takakura Tokutaro (1885-1934) was an influential early-twentieth-century Japanese pastor and theologian. Studying Takakura can provide a window into why and how different Bible-believing Christians can have different foundational impulses for embracing the exclusivity of salvation in Jesus Christ alone. After introducing Takakura's life, context, and ministry, this article examines the fabric of Takakura's thought, including in comparison to intellectual categories more familiar to contemporary, English-speaking Evangelicals. The article then explores differences between Takakura's and others' commitments to exclusivity, along with what those differences can teach us about standing for salvation through "No other name" but that of Jesus Christ.