Global Missiology English, Vol 1, No 16 (2018)

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The Africanisation of Missiology: The Work of InnerChange South Africa to Raise Up Local Missionaries and Decolonise Black African Minds (Part II) - by Luc Kabongo

Luc Kabongo - From DR Congo; Miss stud't U Pretoria; in SAfr township of Soshanguve since 2008


InnerCHANGE is an order among the poor. We work and live with people facing poverty. The vast majority of us grew up outside our current contexts of life and ministry. Raising local leaders as agents of missions is one of our core bottom lines alongside making disciples of Jesus. Our South Africa team is being intentional about raising local leaders because we believe that it is a very sustainable way to create a multiplying gospel movement we desire to see in Soshanguve and beyond. We believe that the reason why the gospel was successful from the Jesus's era to now, is because Jesus intentionally invested his time and effort in raising local missionaries who spread the gospel all over the world. InnerCHANGE South Africa has experienced a growing number of community members who have joined forces with it in order to be transformation agents infused by biblical principles. This paper will share some of the stories I am privileged to be a part of and what I am learning about sustaining our vision in intentionally raising community members as missions' agents.