Global Missiology English, Vol 4, No 16 (2019)

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Andrew T. Kaiser, Encountering China: The Evolution of Timothy Richard’s Missionary Thought (1870-1891) - by. J. Nelson Jennings

J. Nelson Jennings - Onnuri Church: Mission Pastor, Consultant, International Liaison; GME: Editor


Kaiser's Encountering China: The Evolution of Timothy Richards Missionary Thought (1870-1891) adds to the extensive body of literature about Richard. This book is Kaiser's 2014 Edinburgh PhD dissertation in published form. As such there are ample footnotes and an extensive 2-page bibliography, plus two helpful appendices ("Selected List of Chinese Terms" and "Publications by Timothy Richard") and an index. While appropriately scholarly, the book reads smoothly through its introduction and three parts - coherently organized as "Richard Encountering China," "Richard Encountering Famine," and "Richard Encountering Conflict." Mission practitioners should not fear erudite or technical language often present in academic studies, while university professors should not hesitate to offer Kaiser's study to students at all levels.