Vol 4, No 16 (2019)

July - Transforming Analytical Paradigms

Just as David Bosch explained almost three decades ago how paradigms of Christian mission have been transformed throughout biblical and Christian history, so too in today's ongoing transition of Christian mission are paradigms of analyzing mission being transformed. Whether looking at mission historically, sociologically, theologically, prescriptively, or otherwise, this issues' articles exemplify how analytical paradigms are undergoing transformation in the midst of Christian mission's transitioning landscape.

Table of Contents

Issue Editorial

Transforming Analytical Paradigms - by J. Nelson Jennings DOC PDF HTML

Featured Articles

The Diffusion of Christianity in South Korea - by Ryan Klejment-Lavin and Jamie N. Sanchez DOC PDF HTML
Contextualization to Avoid Syncretism through Power Encounter - by Joyce Lok DOC PDF HTML

Missiological Paradigm

Rethinking the Great Commission for the African Context: A Proposal for the Paradigm of Relational Missiology (Part II) - by Enoch Wan DOC PDF HTML


Simplicity, Analogy, and the Trinity: Restoring the Doctrine of Father-God from Contextualization Gone Awry 1 - by. Mark R. Kreitzer DOC PDF HTML

Review & Preview

Andrew T. Kaiser, Encountering China: The Evolution of Timothy Richard’s Missionary Thought (1870-1891) - by. J. Nelson Jennings DOC PDF HTML