Global South Reverse Mission in Europe: An Examination of the Limiting Factors and Prospects


  • Sandro G. de Oliveira Pioneers


This article offers a critical analysis of the newly emerged missional paradigm called “reverse mission.” Despite the paradigm’s controversial nature, the article argues for its validity in missional discourses. Beginning with a general discussion of the term reverse mission, the discussion moves on to explore the challenges that reverse missionaries encounter in their efforts to evangelise native Westerners. Finally, the article investigates the contribution of reverse missionaries in the revitalisation of the Christian faith in those parts of the world where it has lost its vitality. It also shows that migration plays an important role in the reverse missionary efforts of the Global South church in the West. The article concludes that, in spite of significant challenges, reverse mission can be considered a reality that offers a tremendous opportunity for the revitalisation of Christianity in the West.

Author Biography

Sandro G. de Oliveira, Pioneers

U.K. North Area Leader and church planter





Contemporary Practice