The Life and Ministry of Erlo Hartwig Stegen


  • Elfrieda M.-L. Fleischmann Cedar International Academy NPC and North-West University
  • Ignatius W. Ferreira North-West University


While the start of the twentieth century was marked by great Protestant mission advances in the Global South, other interest groups such as European colonialists promoted their own sets of ideologies that often impeded missionary work. In an effort to bring the gospel to the Zulu nation in South Africa, Louis Harms envisioned his missionaries bringing the gospel to Africans before they would experience the destructive influence of colonization. About a century later, Erlo Hartwig Stegen, true to Harm’s vision played a fundamental role in bringing the gospel to the Zulu nation. This article provides insight into the missionary role that Erlo Stegen played both during and after the South African Apartheid dispensation, focusing on his missiological context, style, principles, and legacy.

Author Biographies

Elfrieda M.-L. Fleischmann, Cedar International Academy NPC and North-West University

Theology, Missiology

Ignatius W. Ferreira, North-West University

Theology, Missiology