Does the DMM Approach Lead to Movement Breakthrough?


  • Emanuel Prinz Bethany Research Institute, Associate Director
  • Alison Goldhor Bethany Research Institute


This article reports on the first-ever systematic empirical study of factors that either contribute to or impede the catalyzing of movements. The representative sample comprises a mix of those who have catalyzed movements and those who have not, a total of 307 pioneer missionaries across 38 countries. Of the effective catalysts in the study, 77 percent either specify DMM (Disciple-Making Movements) as their ministry approach or use a DMM-related approach. / Based on 45 in-depth qualitative interviews and statistical analysis, the study verifies several elements of the DMM process. These include prayer, meeting holistic needs (what DMM calls “compassion ministry”), finding persons of peace and working through their social networks, a discovery approach based around small groups, obedience-emphasis, and effectively raising up local leaders.

Author Biographies

Emanuel Prinz, Bethany Research Institute, Associate Director

Global Training Architect of Bethany International, Professor of Intercultural Leadership at Bethany Global University

Alison Goldhor, Bethany Research Institute

Project Coordinator


2022-01-31 — Updated on 2022-02-04