The Effective Catalyst: An Analysis of the Traits and Competencies of Pioneers who have Catalyzed a Movement


  • Emanuel Prinz Bethany Research Institute, Associate Director
  • Alison Goldhor Bethany Research Institute


This article reports on the largest-ever empirical research into the personal traits and competencies of an effective movement catalyst. The study compared survey results of 147 pioneers who catalyzed a movement with a control group of 160 pioneers who did not, spanning 38 countries across the globe. The study identifies 15 traits and competencies where effective catalysts rate themselves ≥ 4.5 on a 1-5 Likert scale, as well as where they show significantly higher self-ratings than non-catalyst pioneers in the same six regions. The study further identifies significant inhibiting and contributing (and internal/external) factors and their impact on the catalyzing of movements. Some of the study’s findings challenge the conventional understanding of an effective movement catalyst among movement thinkers.

Author Biographies

Emanuel Prinz, Bethany Research Institute, Associate Director

Global Training Architect of Bethany International, Professor of Intercultural Leadership at Bethany Global University

Alison Goldhor, Bethany Research Institute

Project Coordinator


2022-01-31 — Updated on 2022-01-31