Discussing and Catalyzing Movements: An Invitation to Research, Sacrifice, and Commitment


  • Pam Arlund All Nations International
  • Warrick Farah One Collective


As a global discussion and a significantly large phenomenon in the world today, church planting movements (CPM) or disciple making movements (DMM) have attracted much attention and enthusiasm in the missions community. They are widely accepted, and many different agencies have adopted movemental approaches to ministry in the past two decades. However, there is also a minority view of detractors who disagree with the voluminous case studies and published literature on movements. This article responds to some of those critics—represented here by the recently published No Shortcut to Success—by engaging that book’s important critiques but also what this article’s authors believe to be misinformation and ambiguous logic inherent in the book’s arguments. The authors hope that this approach will foster a helpful, constructive, and ongoing dialogue on movements missiology for the missions community.

Author Biographies

Pam Arlund, All Nations International

International Leadership Team; served as a church planter in Central Asia

Warrick Farah, One Collective

missiologist, editor of Motus Dei: The Movement of God to Disciple the Nations





Contemporary Practice