No Longer the Same: Pentecostal Mission in Cities of Sub-Saharan Africa


  • Michael Sallu Divine Grace Church, Tanzania


Several studies suggest the rapid spread of Pentecostalism in Africa is largely aided by its shared view of the Spirit-world with the typical traditional African worldview. Consequently, African Pentecostalism is known to provide both continuity and discontinuity with the typical traditional African beliefs, a factor that is believed to facilitate Pentecostal contextualization. However, with a new youth culture in cities of sub-Saharan Africa, this epistemological connection is threatened. Using a case study in Dar es Salaam, this article evaluates missiological implications of the changing culture in cities of sub-Saharan Africa and proposes alternative strategies for contextual engagement in Pentecostal mission.

Author Biography

Michael Sallu, Divine Grace Church, Tanzania

Bishop; Divine School of Theology, Dean