Jangkholam Haokip and David W. Smith, eds., Voices from the Margins: Wisdom of Primal People in the Era of World Christianity


  • Felicia Chinyere Priest West Africa Theological Seminary


Voices from the Margins is divided into two parts and contains 11 fascinating, well-researched, and instructive chapters by authors of various disciplines. The contributors have conducted research and read widely in areas related to their articles. Part one, with the heading “Primal Traditions and Christianity,” has four chapters, while part two, entitled “Primal Traditions and Christianity in Northeast India,” has seven articles. Each part ends with a postscript. The title of the book buttresses and captures clearly the message or point of the contributors: primal people who were considered physically separated and isolated from the larger population of the globe, whose myths, folklores, worldviews, and culture were rejected and considered useless, are now influencing world Christianity due to the rich wisdom they bring to the understanding of the gospel. Indeed, as with Jesus our Exemplar, the stone that the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone.

Author Biography

Felicia Chinyere Priest, West Africa Theological Seminary

Head of the Department of Missions and Intercultural Studies; Africa International University, adjunct faculty