Kiem-Kiok Kwa and Samuel Ka-Chieng Law, eds., Missions in Southeast Asia: Diversity and Unity in God’s Design


  • Tai Kim Teng Dictionary of Christian Biography in Asia (DCBAsia)


The two editors of this book are Kiem-Kiok Kwa, who teaches missions at Singapore’s Biblical Graduate School of Theology, and Samuel K. Law, Vice Principal of Academic Affairs at Singapore Bible College. Due to a paucity of Christian literature on Southeast Asian missions, this book is indeed timely and will become essential reading material for all scholars and practitioners interested to understand Christian missions in Southeast Asia. Noteworthy is that the book written mostly by national leading missiologists familiar with the local context—which is often complicated, convoluted, and incomprehensible to outsiders.

Author Biography

Tai Kim Teng, Dictionary of Christian Biography in Asia (DCBAsia)

founder; OMF Malaysia, former Executive Director